At Yaro-Tex, we offer customers digital printing on viscose and cotton with elastomer. This technology imposes no restrictions on the design itself. The digital printing pattern does not require templates, which gives unlimited possibilities for creating projects. The Yaro-Tex digital printed materials are characterized by vivid colors, sharp patterns, durability of prints and high quality. We offer both knitwear and digitally printed fabrics.

What we can offer to our customers as part of digitally printed knitwear?


At Yaro-Tex, we manufacture digitally printed viscose knitted fabrics with a single jersey weave and elastomer (for better material elasticity). Printed viscose fabric is skin-friendly, nice and breathable. It absorbs moisture well and fits perfectly. The digitally printed fabric is smooth and has a slightly shiny structure. 

We offer digital printing on single jersey bamboo knitwear. All of our digitally printed knitted fabrics contain elastomer additive. Printed material derived from bamboo fiber has hygroscopic properties, it perfectly absorbs moisture. It helps compensate for differences in body temperature – making digital bamboo knitted fabrics perfect for both hot and cold days.

The digitally printed bamboo knitwear fits perfectly on the body and is friendly even for the delicate skin of a small child.

The offer of digitally printed knitted fabrics also includes cotton knitted fabrics. Our digitally printed knitted fabrics guarantee high comfort of use. This type of material is soft, friendly and nice to the body. Cotton as a natural fiber is breathable and absorbs moisture well. An ideal material for allergy sufferers. At Yaro-Tex, we offer customers digitally printed single jersey knitwear (with elastomer for better flexibility), interlock and cotton sweatpants.

For nature and eco style lovers we offer digitally printed knitwear made of organic cotton. 

Try digital printing on mercerized Bio Polish cotton. The special finish significantly increases the usability, eliminating pilling and gives the fabric smoothness, slip and slight gloss.

Digital printing is a modern technology ideal for creating colorful and panel designs. We can print landscapes, graphics and multi-color combinations on sweatshirt, cotton and viscose fabric.

Digitally printed fabrics at Yaro-Tex are widely used in the textile industry. They can be used both in clothing and underwear collections, as well as in the production of home textiles and toy manufacture.


We offer our customers digitally printed materials with various textures and weights. Our offer includes both light, flowing and airy fabrics for dresses or blouses as well as thicker and stiffer ones, for bedding or curtains.

For Yaro-Tex customers, we guarantee the possibility to choose a pattern from the collection of prints available in our portfolio or to order a pattern according to our own ideas. You would like to create your own design? All you need to do is choose the material you want to print on and we’ll take care of the production.  


Don’t worry about patterns or prints anymore – choose a digital printed knitwear that is great for any type of clothing.