Reactive print

Reactive print


Reactive printing is a method that provides a soft and imperceptible print with high resistance to friction and washing. As a result, our reactively printed knitted fabrics are characterized by high durability and wearing comfort. Knitted fabrics with a reactively printed pattern form one, imperceptible structure. Reactive printing is durable and resistant to washing. Due to the need to prepare patterns, it is most effective on knitted fabrics printed in two-color patterns with simple forms.

What reactively printed fabric can you find in the Yaro-Tex offer?

Reactive print

In the Yaro-Tex offer you will find reactive print on viscose fabrics. We mainly offer a single jersey with elastomer. Reactively printed viscose fabric is elastic and fits perfectly on the body. The material is skin-friendly, pleasant and airy. In addition, it absorbs moisture very well, it is pouring and has a slightly glossy structure.

Reactively printed cotton knitwear guarantees high comfort of use because it is soft and nice for the body. Cotton as a natural fiber is breathable and absorbs moisture well. It is also great for printing. We guarantee reactively printed cotton knitwear with a single jersey weave and elastomer. This type of fabric is flexible and fits perfectly.

At Yaro-Tex, we offer reactive printing, performed on viscose and cotton with elastomer. It can be used to produce summer blouses and viscose dresses. Reactive printing is characterized by a very “soft” grip and good resistance to friction and washing.

Reactive printing on materials works well for medium and large orders. Its unquestionable advantage is excellent color saturation. Dyes actively react with the material and dye it thoroughly. In addition – reactive printing works great on fabrics, especially on viscose.

We offer reactively printed knitwear designed by our designers or created to individual order according to your own idea.

Reactive print

Are you looking for durable, distinctive knitwear? You’ve found the right place – choose Yaro-Tex offer! Here you can find excellent reactive printed fabrics.